Lockdowns are killing us!

The federal and provincial governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous.

For eight months now they’ve imposed various levels of lockdown restrictions.

Lockdowns are killing our economy.

Countless businesses will be forced to close.

Deficits are skyrocketing. We’re essentially bankrupt.

And Trudeau is exploiting this crisis to spend even more, create new welfare programs, and impose socialism with the help of Jagmeet Singh’s NDP.

But the worst part is that lockdowns are not working. They’re going to kill more people than the virus itself.

Thousands of cancer patients are not being diagnosed and do not receive treatment.

Depression, anxiety and suicide are up. Domestic violence is up.

Lockdowns are also killing our fundamental rights and freedoms.

These authoritarian lockdown measures are, for the most part, being imposed by provincial governments.

But that doesn’t mean Ottawa can do nothing to prevent them.

Federal and provincial public health officials are working together.

If I were prime minister, I would fire Theresa Tam immediately and replace her with someone who is competent and has a rational approach to the pandemic.

Instead of bailing out provinces, I would tell provincial premiers that if they choose to close down their economy, they won’t get a cent.

Especially those of Ontario and Quebec, which have imposed the most drastic measures.

I’m the only federal politician who has publicly taken a stand against lockdowns.

Yesterday, I again marched for freedom in Toronto with thousands of Canadians who oppose authoritarian lockdowns.

I support those who fight for our rights, like lawyer Rocco Galati and Ontario MLA Randy Hillier.

I need YOUR support. Please pitch in $2 today to help me and the People’s Party fight this madness.

Many thanks,

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