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Bonavista—Burin—TrinityLinda Hogan

Linda Hogan is a recently retired Supply Chain Specialist, spending over 30 years in the soft drink beverage industry.  She is highly regarded in her professional life and has developed many friendships with suppliers, customers, and colleagues.  Raised by a working single mother of six children, she knows that there are no free rides.  Determination and hard work sustained the family, resulting in all six finding success in their school, work, family and life endeavours.

Linda is an independent thinker and resists the ‘go along to get along’ comfort zone.  She is an avid learner and all through the COVID lockdowns spent many hours researching the COVID science and the unelected global organizations and institutions that influence too much control over our lives.  The politicization of COVID pulled back the veil of the hypocrisy, corruption, greed, and self-serving government policies that only enrich the already rich and connected and impoverishes hard working Canadians. 

Linda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Women’s Studies from York University, Toronto.  She has served as the President of the Catholic Women’s League at St. Joseph’s Parish in Mississauga, ON, Vice President of the Bonavista-Trinity Regional Chamber of Commerce, Finance Chairperson of St. Patrick Parish in Port Union, NL, and currently serves on the Economic Development Committee for her home location of Trinity Bay North. 

Linda is a wife, mother, grandmother, and a freedom fighting Canadian patriot.   

Contact Linda: [email protected]

Linda's Facebook page is linked below. Twitter and website will be added at a later date.