Let’s spread the PPC message on campuses!

Every battle in the culture war starts on college and university campuses.

The cancelling of Dr. Jordan Peterson.

The stonewalling of any speaker that does not fit the mainstream leftist narrative.

Intimidation and violence from ANTIFA terrorists.

All of these battles began on campuses years ago and have since proliferated into problems that affect our broader society.

It’s time to push back against leftist ideological supremacy!

We are very excited to announce our initiative of establishing PPC Campus Clubs in colleges and universities across Canada.

If you are a student and want to get involved, check our PPC Campus Club page.

If you know a student who might be interested, please share the page with him or her.

And chip in $2.50 today if you want to help us fund this PPC Campus Club initiative.

With your help, we will turn the tide and bring back free speech on Canadian campuses!

Many thanks,

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