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Let’s fight for those who lost their jobs!

January 28, 2022

I held a press conference this morning in Ottawa where I asked the Trudeau government to lift ALL federal covid mandates and restrictions.

I also explained how illogical the vaccine mandate for truckers was and expressed my support for the Freedom Convoy.

You can read or watch my declaration here.

Many people have suffered for all kinds of reasons over the past two years.

But one group of Canadians who suffered more than most are those who unjustly lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates.

This is why I asked the government to reinstate all civil servants, military personnel, and other government employees who were forced to choose between their convictions and their job.

It should also instruct federally regulated industries like transport and telecom to rehire their employees who were unjustly fired.

I also demanded that in cases where these unjustly fired workers don’t want to return to their former jobs, they should get any severance package and unemployment benefit that a terminated employee normally receives.

It’s not enough to repeal the vaccine mandates. We also need JUSTICE and FAIRNESS for those who were persecuted by Trudeau.

Don’t count on Erin O’Toole to fight for them. He’s supported all of Trudeau’s authoritarian covid measures.

Only the People’s Party will fight for everyone’s rights!

To do this, I need your continued support. If you can, please consider a $10 donation today.

And follow me on social media this weekend as I take part in the truckers’ protest in Ottawa along with many PPC supporters!

Thank you,