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Let’s end travel mandates for good

The PPC Newsletter - September 21, 2022

I’m in court today for my most important lawsuit yet.

I’m not contesting an old covid fine.

Today is the beginning of my constitutional challenge against Trudeau’s travel restrictions.

You’ll recall in last year’s election when Trudeau vilified the unvaccinated as a wedge issue, preventing us from traveling by plane, train, or boat within our own country.

This was some of the most cynical politics I’ve seen in years. It was bigoted, unconstitutional, and unscientific.

We need to make sure these restrictions are never reimposed. On any Canadian.

Today, government lawyers are trying to get this case thrown out of court.

They’re arguing it’s no longer relevant since Trudeau suspended the restrictions at the beginning of the summer.

This is just absurd.

Trudeau could reinstate these mandates tomorrow if he was feeling particularly vindictive.

And we need to set a legal precedent to prevent cynical and unnecessary policies like these to be imposed on Canadians in the future.

My lawyers from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom and I will do exactly that.

You can help me win this fight.

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