Let Max Debate

The Leaders' Debate Commission has decided that I am not welcome to the federal debates. In the end, it was a few biased polls that made the difference and excluded me.
I was in the debates in 2019. The People's Party of Canada has only grown bigger and stronger in the past two years, so this decision makes little sense. 
Instead of hearing a principled alternative, Canadians who watch the debates in September will see five party leaders reading off the same script and bickering over who is more woke. 
Canadians have a right to hear our principled alternative because the other options suck. 
We are the only federal party opposed to mandatory COVID vaccinations and a vaccine passport. We are the only federal party standing up for your freedom of expression.
We are the only ones who respect your intelligence and won't try to buy your vote. We have a clear vision for Canada based on our four founding principles: Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness, and Respect.
If you think the Leaders' Debate Commission should reconsider their decision, add your voice to our petition below!
Stay Strong and Free,

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