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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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Lambton—Kent—MiddlesexKevin Mitchell

An entrepreneur, businessperson, and family man, Kevin Mitchell has been a life-long resident of Wallaceburg. Kevin is the creator and owner of DIY Pallets Ltd. which is located in Windsor Ontario. Graduating from the University of Windsor with a degree in history, Kevin has been actively fighting back against the unjustified lockdown measures since they began, and continues to speak out against the individual rights and freedoms that have been stripped from Canadians.

A fervent believer in Western values of freedom, individuality, private property and personal responsibility, Kevin has decided to run in the riding of Lambon-Kent-Middlesex as the candidate for the People’s Party of Canada. He believes that all the other parties, including the Conservatives, have abandoned the ideals of Western democracies, and that the People’s Party of Canada, under the leadership of Maxine Bernier, is the only choice to get Canada back on track and protect those core values.

Kevin asks all those who believe in Freedom of Speech, economic, medical, and bodily self-determination, along with personal responsibility to join him in this fight. Kevin continues to reside in Wallaceburg with his wife Lindsay and his three sons.

Contact Kevin: [email protected]

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