Jacques Grenier

Jacques Grenier – Quebec
Contact: jacques@partipopulaireducanada.ca

Having worked as a police officer for more than thirty years allowed Jacques to meet different types of people and thus develop an excellent expertise in interpersonal relations. He never fails to be discrete. He will never accept to carry a flag when the base of the mast is rotten. Integrity and honesty are the basis of his values.

Jacques has served on a number of boards of directors, helping and restoring the finances of certain organizations. This engagement with the business community and organizations, have allowed him to identify the real needs of stakeholders.

Interested in politics since his early twenties, Jacques has always been close to organizations as an active supporter. He militated according to his convictions of the moment. For Jacques, politics is constantly evolving for the good of the community where everyone must get involved, except to express their right to vote to maintain democracy.

He was a municipal councilor and was a Conservative candidate in two federal elections. These experiences allowed him to work in the field and to rub shoulders with politics in a direct way. His years of involvement allowed him to develop an undeniable knowledge of the political world. Organization, mobilization, planning, communication and execution are an integral part of its assets, if he decides to become involved in a political organization. He has to be convinced that the ideas are current and future-oriented.

The platform of the People's Party of Canada resonates with him, as with many other Canadians, because it is an avant-garde way to see tomorrow’s Canada. It is clear, that canadian politics needs renewal so the provinces regain greater autonomy.

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