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It's not a good time to be Canadian...

The PPC Newsletter - July 1st, 2022

It's not a good time to be Canadian.

Our way of life is under attack.

Our rights are being trampled on by an authoritarian and corrupt Liberal regime that has abandoned the rule of law.

Inflation is skyrocketing, we're heading for a recession, and we're getting poorer.

Our country seems to be more divided than it's ever been.

Polls show that Canadians are getting more and more pessimistic about the future.

But it's not the first time in our history that we're going through a crisis.

Canada Day is a time to celebrate what previous generations of Canadians have accomplished.

And to remember why, despite everything that's going wrong, we are so blessed to live in this great, beautiful country.

We must rely on common sense to help us as we go through these hard times.

Let’s stay resilient and work to be proud again of our country! There will be better days!

Happy Canada Day!



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