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I was interviewed by Tucker Carlson!

Earlier this week, I made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s nightly news show on Fox News, which is watched by millions of viewers in the US but also in Canada.

Click this link to watch if you haven’t yet!

Tucker invited me onto his show to discuss my wrongful arrest in Manitoba last weekend.

He was visibly shocked to hear how Canada is becoming an authoritarian police state.

A country where a party leader can be arrested, handcuffed like a dangerous criminal, and thrown in jail for eight hours for speaking to small groups of people outdoors.

It’s so nice to do an interview with a mainstream journalist who isn’t viciously attacking me and the PPC!

Here in Canada, no mainstream media asked me for an interview since my arrest. Not a single one.

I only spoke to smaller independent media and YouTubers, who are much more professional and do a better job.

The PPC is growing quickly, and people are starting to notice. The world is watching us!

But we need to be much stronger to get around the mainstream media blockade and reach more Canadians.

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Many thanks,