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I was fined for attending a political protest!

Over the weekend I was touring Saskatchewan standing up for our rights and freedoms against the ongoing sanitary tyranny that we’ve been living under for more than a year.

I addressed crowds of patriotic Canadians with my friends Mark Friesen and Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson.

And how did the Saskatchewan Police respond? They issued us $2800 fines. In three different cities!

Politicians being fined for attending a political protest! In Canada!

This is not communist China! Canadians have the right to peaceful assembly and I will continue to stand up for that right.

I have now been issued four fines, one in Ontario and three more from my Saskatchewan trip.

I will not pay these unconstitutional fines. I will challenge them in court.

I will not be intimidated by these authoritarian thugs.

I will continue to promote the PPC’s message of freedom in opposition to this emerging police state.

I will be attending another protest in Toronto this weekend. I will not stop fighting.

Please stand with me against this unconstitutional tyranny with a $2.80 donation today!