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I’m on the road again!

The PPC Newsletter - April 29, 2022

I just left Montreal for a 3-week tour of our beautiful Maritime Provinces.

Not by plane of course – Justin Trudeau doesn’t want me to fly! It’s going to be a longer trip, but he won’t stop us!

I’m in a car right now with my colleagues Adrian, our National Coordinator, and Koltyn, our Creative Director, and we’re on our way to Edmundston, in northern New Brunswick.

During this trip, we’re going to hold Freedom Rallies, Meet & Greets open to the public, and private meetings with our local candidates, organizers and members.

The goal of the trip is of course to spread the PPC message, but also to strengthen our organization in the region and make sure we have candidates everywhere who will be ready for the next election.

If you live in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island, please come to meet us. I would be thrilled to have a chat with you and know you better!

You can also meet other like-minded PPC supporters.

All the events will be posted on this page on the People’s Party website.

People often ask me what we do exactly with their donations.

Well, one obvious thing we need now is to pay for hotels, meals, car rental, and for the outrageously expensive gas, thanks to Trudeau’s carbon tax and inflationary policies!

Please help us make this 3-week trip successful with a $3.00 donation today!

Many thanks,


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