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I’m on the road

This week, I attended a Freedom Rally in Waterloo, and another one in Edmonton.

I held meetings with candidates and association executives in Calgary and Red Deer.

I had time to briefly meet supporters during a stopover in Vancouver.

Everywhere I spread the same message: No more lockdowns. Smaller government. Freedom. Responsibility. Fairness. Respect.

I’m still on the road.

I will be touring Manitoba for the next three days.

That is, if the provincial despot Brian Pallister and his goons don’t try to stop me.

I received a threatening letter from Mike Leblanc, manager of the Health Protection Unit with the Manitoba Department of Health.

He says I cannot attend rallies and have to self-quarantine at my hotel for the whole duration of my stay.

I don’t intend to surrender my constitutional rights.

Meeting Canadians on the ground across the country to bring them the PPC message involves a lot of work and planning from many people.

It also costs money.

And although it sounds crazy to say this, it’s dangerous these days in Canada.

I’ve received five tickets so far. And I could be arrested in Manitoba.

I need your help to continue this fight.

Please make a generous donation of 10$ today to the People’s Party, or whatever you can afford.

Many thanks,