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I’m not going anywhere

February 2, 2022

Like two years ago after Andrew Scheer resigned as leader, some people are now asking me if I plan to go back to the Conservative Party after the departure of Erin O’Toole.

The answer is very simple: No. Never.

It’s very ironic that MPs are kicking out their leader because he flip flopped on key issues, has no firm principles, no clear message, because he pushed the party too far to the left and is only guided by polls.

Who could have predicted that a Conservative leader would do this?! Well, I did, and that’s precisely why I left.

I left because that party is morally and intellectually corrupt. It’s still the same party, whoever is leader.

Don’t forget that all those MPs who are defying their leader today because he lacks principles were completely silent for two years regarding the massive violations of our rights and freedoms.

They are the same MPs who ran on a socialist program last fall that promised a carbon tax, more spending, and ten more years of deficits.

They are the same MPs who voted unanimously with the Liberals and the other parties yesterday to condemn what they say was “antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia” during the truckers’ rally in Ottawa last weekend.

This is complete nonsense! They’re afraid to push back against the lies of the media.

I won’t repeat the mistake that the Reform Party did 20 years ago.

Canadians need a real conservative, libertarian, populist alternative. And the only party that offers it is the People’s Party.

I’m not going anywhere.

Stay strong and free!