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Help stop Trudeau’s power grab

The PPC Newsletter - February 22, 2022

Last night, the House of Commons voted to give the Liberal government extraordinary powers, thanks to NDP support.

This is shameful.

There was no justification for Trudeau to invoke the Emergencies Act.

The truckers’ convoy was always a peaceful protest by Canadians fed up with authoritarian covid measures.

There is no emergency. There never was any.

But Trudeau will continue to fabricate one with support from the lying media to justify his power grab.

Even though the blockades and protesters are gone, he now says he still needs these extraordinary powers because there could be more protests in the coming days and weeks.

Imagine that. Not only was there no emergency. But he wants powers to deal with potential future emergencies instead of existing ones.

That’s how you establish permanent tyranny.

Fifteen days to flatten the curve turned into two years of violations of our rights and freedoms.

What will thirty days to deal with a faux emergency turn into if we let Trudeau have his way?

He must be stopped.

You can help by contacting Senators by phone or email and ask them to vote against this power grab.

Check this list of Senators with their contact info. The Senate is scheduled to vote on Thursday.

Thank you for helping save our freedoms.


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