Gurmant Grewal

Gurmant Grewal – British Columbia

Gurmant Grewal, born in 1957, holds an MBA from the prestigious PAU, India and was awarded an honorary PhD in political science and diplomacy by Caucasus Univ., Georgia.

Grewal has over 35 years of experience as a university professor, manager with multinational companies, entrepreneur, orchardist and political consultant.

He was elected as an MP from Surrey, BC in less than six years after immigrating to Canada.

During his 3 terms as Member of Parliament, he served as Deputy Opposition House Leader, and Chief Critic for Foreign Affairs, Multiculturalism, Scrutiny of Regulations and Canadian International Development among other positions. As Co-Chair of Scrutiny of Regulations, Joint Standing Committee of House and Senate, he tabled numerous reports during his many terms to disallow faulty regulations. Grewal’s Private Bill, the only bill of the Canadian Alliance to receive Royal Assent, plugged a black hole in accountability of scrutiny of regulations.

As a solution-oriented politician, Grewal introduced about 50 bills and motions and as one of the most frequent participants in parliamentary debates, raised numerous important issues.

He was member of the Priority and Planning Committee of the Official Opposition and actively served on numerous standing committees and parliamentary associations.

He was one of the founding members of the Canadian Alliance and helped merge with the Progressive Conservative Party.

Within the Reform Party of Canada, he played a significant role in outreach, election readiness and bridge building with minorities and cultural communities in Canada

He has extensively travelled and met with over 60 heads of states and raised issues of global importance.

In 2004, with the election of Nina Grewal, who served 4-terms as MP, the Grewals were the first married couple to serve concurrently in Parliament.

Grewal was awarded the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals for his service to Canada.

He was invited as a keynote speaker at Harvard Business School on the dynamics of ethnic politics in North America.

He was named the 28th most powerful and influential Sikh in the world and was awarded the World Sikh Award in 2012.

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper called Grewal “the Ironman of the Canadian Parliament.”

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