Ethan Erkiletian

Ethan Erkiletian – Saskatchewan South

Ethan Erkiletian was born on Gabriola Island off the coast of British Columbia and eventually made it to Saskatoon, SK his home in 2004. Ethan has also lived in Winnipeg, the greater Toronto area, Regina, Nassau in The Bahamas and grew up largely in the Kootenays in British Columbia.

A financial technology investor, currency trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast today, Ethan comes from the rough n’ tumble world of oil fields and agricultural trucking in years past. Ethan has also enjoyed time hosting syndicated talk radio and podcasting years ago and has enjoyed the opportunity to engage in some freelance consulting work with major commercial concerns to educate their staff on the overarching concepts of block chain technology.

Ethan has found political activism irresistible over the years. Consistently motivated by a desire to see individual liberty preserved in society, Ethan has focused his political energies on supporting effective advocates for classically liberal values which is why he lent his support to Maxime Bernier in the 2016/2017 Conservative Party of Canada leadership convention and why he then supported the People’s Party of Canada.

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