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Enough with imperial federalism!

I spent the past few days in Alberta. I was at a conference to discuss the future of the province.

Many people there are wondering: If Canada cannot be reformed, should we separate?

We can all agree on one thing: Canada is becoming more dysfunctional every year.

Most of what’s wrong in this country today originates from Ottawa.

We have a government that keeps growing and intruding on provincial jurisdictions, despite what the Constitution says.

A government that keeps infringing upon our fundamental rights and freedoms.

We don’t have a federal government with limited powers anymore. We have an imperial government.

I believe Canada is still a great country worth saving despite all its flaws.

I told the conference participants about the PPC plan: radical decentralization.

We are a huge country with very diverse regional cultures. Instead of having one-size-fits-all policies imposed by Ottawa, we should have autonomous provincial governments that answer the needs and wishes of their citizens.

Ottawa should only take care of national and international issues on which we have common interests. The rest should be left to the provinces.

You can read my speech here, or watch it here on YouTube (starts at 17 min.).

The PPC is the only party proposing to save our country, and save our freedoms, by getting power closer to the people.

What do you think? Please invest $5 in Canada’s future if you agree with this solution!

Many thanks for your support,