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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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Calgary ConfederationEdward Gao

Edward Gao was born in Manitoba, grew up in Charlottetown PEI, and has lived across our great nation in more than six different provinces to date. Prior to moving to Calgary, Edward obtained a Bachelor’s of Science with High Honours in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toronto, with a minor in Robotics as well as a minor in Engineering Business. Edward has been living in Calgary for more than 6 years, working as a professional engineer for one of the largest pipeline companies in North America. Throughout his history in politics, Edward has opposed corrupt “business as usual” policies that pander to special interest groups and specific voter blocks; instead, he passionately advocates a principled approach to politics that supports individual rights and serves the best interests of all Canadians.

Contact Edward: [email protected]

Edward's Twitter and Facebook page are linked below, a website will be added at a later date.