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Digital IDs will give tyrannical control to governments

The PPC Newsletter - March 26, 2022

Online transactions have made our lives much easier.

Most of us are now used to ordering and paying for stuff online, or filing our tax return, or choosing our seat and getting our boarding pass online (that’s if Trudeau isn’t preventing you from flying of course!).

We’re obviously never going to go back to using paper and pen for everything as we did decades ago.

But plans by our governments by to implement digital IDs are going much further.

Their goal is to create a single, centralized digital identity with which you will be able to access all governments services.

It could also integrate your financial transactions and all sorts of information about your dealings with private institutions and organizations.

That sounds like very convenient. But it means that anyone accessing your identity will know literally everything about you. And could potentially control every aspect of your life.

Plans by central banks in Canada and around the world to develop digital currencies will make financial control even easier.

You don’t want to get your third booster shot? Or you posted something on Facebook that the government considers hateful? One click on a computer by a bureaucrat and you just lost your driving license.

You produced too much greenhouse gas this month according to the government? They will know about it. Forget about refueling your car, your credit card is frozen.

This totalitarian system already exists—in China. It’s called the social credit system.

If you are a “bad” citizen according to the communist regime, you lose social credit points. And when you lose too many, they block you from accessing services. You become a non-citizen.

Of course, proponents of digital IDs are telling us it will protect our privacy and will not be used as a tracking tool. Don’t be fooled.

Governments will implement more controls, little by little, until the system works just like in China.

Trudeau and Freeland already started a few weeks ago when they froze the bank accounts of Canadians who supported the truckers’ convoy.

The People’s Party is absolutely opposed to these centralized digital IDs that will track everything you do and destroy our freedoms.

Please consider a $5 donation today to help us fight this monstrous scheme.

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