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“It feels so good to support a party with clear principles, that defends them openly, with passion and conviction!”

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Battle River—CrowfootDennis Trepanier

Dennis is a former elected official (civic councillor) for the Town of Blackfalds, Alberta and has worked in the Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industry as an IT professional for most of his career. He is currently an independent IT contractor and is incorporated in the Province of Alberta. Dennis was born in northern Ontario and moved to Alberta in his youth for employment opportunities. He currently lives in Red Deer Alberta and has a small farm in the Battle River-Crowfoot riding. Dennis is married with two grown children and one grandchild. The PPC platform aligns with Dennis' belief that all Canadians should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Dennis believes that the PPC Platform is the best platform of all parties, from it's stance on freedom of speech, to the economy, to indigenous issues and more.

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Dennis' Twitter is linked below, links for a Facebook page and a website will be added at a later date.