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Saanich—Gulf IslandsDavid Hilderman

David Hilderman is an engineer and former COO of a Victoria based music equipment manufacturer. He obtained a Bachelor of Applied Sciences from the University of Regina in 1988 and has worked in the electronics industry ever since. David lives in Central Saanich and is married with 2 young adult children.

David has always been committed to doing what he and his family could to protect the earth. He bought cars with the best gas mileage possible and avoided air travel to minimize his carbon footprint. In December of 2019 David learned that sea level records have been kept in the Victoria Harbour for 100 years. Over that time the sea level has been increasing 0.76mm per year for the entire 100 years and has not been increasing as a result of rising CO2 levels. This inspired David to do intense research on all things climate as well as the impacts of CO2 on our earth. His conclusion is that like sea level rise, the public has been misinformed on most climate related issues. The results of our current government striving for net zero CO2 emissions will not only reduce prosperity for Canadians, but will destroy vast areas of the earth. David hopes that during the election campaign he will have the opportunity to have a debate with the other candidates regarding the so-called climate crisis and that all these important facts regarding the state of our earth can be shown to the voters of the Saanich—Gulf Islands.

Contact David: [email protected]

David's Twitter, Facebook page, and website are linked below.