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Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—WestmountDavid Freiheit

David Freiheit was born and raised in Montreal, and is the youngest of 5 children in a family of lawyers. He is a husband. A father. And a patriot. David is a trained lawyer turned YouTuber where he produces content under the pseudonym VivaFrei. David never thought he would find himself running for political office, but he also never thought that he would find himself in a Canada where the government would lock people in their homes, shut down their businesses, force children to wear facemasks, prohibit international and interprovincial travel, and even forcibly detain Canadians in government facilities without any due process. David never thought he would see a Canada in which our most fundamental civil and human rights are treated as mere privileges that can be capriciously shredded by simple government edict. Yet that is exactly what Canada has become. Under its current leadership, Canada has simply become unrecognizably un-Canadian. David is going to do everything he can to make our great country glorious and free once more.

Contact David: [email protected]

David's Twitter and website are linked below, a Facebook page will be added at a later date.