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Check out our covid policy!

This morning, at a campaign stop in Quebec City with area candidates, I announced the PPC’s policy about covid.

Of course, I have been talking about this for 18 months and you probably already know what the PPC’s stance is.

But it’s now explained here on our website in the same clear and accessible format as our other policies.

It’s simple: We favour a rational, scientifically-based approach that protects our rights and freedoms.

Not the fearmongering and government overreaction of the other parties that only lead to more government power, less freedom, and more dependence on the state.

We’re the only party that has a clear policy on how to manage the pandemic.

Please read it, and most importantly, send it to friends, colleagues or family members who you know are fed up and looking for an alternative!

I’ll be in New Brunswick for the next three days as part of my Mad Max Election Tour. If you live in that province and want to come meet me and our candidates, check my itinerary here.

Hope to see you on the campaign trail!