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Are you concerned about censorship and cancel culture?

A dangerous thing is happening around the world and here at home. Conservative voices and common sense opinions are being silenced by Leftist governments and their partners in Big Tech, all in the name of political correctness. Viewpoints that veer from the so-called mainstream are considered dangerous; the people who voice them, bigoted.

Recently, Federal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, a Liberal, announced plans to regulate social media as a way of “protecting Canadians” from things like hate speech and misinformation.

But Canada already has criminal laws that protect citizens from hate speech, threats, and incitement to violence, and these laws extend to social media. Why then, do Guilbeault and the Liberals feel the need to further police what people say?

Imagine a country where conversations are monitored and people are cancelled for saying the wrong thing; where a culture of fear keeps regular people from speaking out against the powerful. Is this what comes to mind when you think of Canada?

For Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, this is just one more step down a slippery slope to losing our freedom to speak up and speak out.

“Who decides where the mainstream lies?” asks Bernier. “Who decides what is misinformation? Surely not the Liberals, who have been shown through their many scandals to have a complicated relationship with the truth.”

For their part, Big Tech is happy to go along, afraid of further regulation. Today, the opinions you share with your closest relations can be monitored, flagged, and even banned by an analyst sitting in an office in Silicon Valley, and as long as that analyst agrees with the Liberals, Justin Trudeau is happy to cede his citizens’ sovereignty and free speech to foreign companies.

Free Speech is being strangled in Canada, and the establishment political parties are working with Big Tech to kill it, once and for all. Only Maxime Bernier and the PPC are defending the rights of all Canadians to say what they think; even the ones who they disagree with.

On the surface, it may not seem harmful to stop people from saying hateful things. The ability of a bigot to harass a minority should not be encouraged. But the issue isn’t so simple.

In 2018, in a widely publicised event, Justin Trudeau responded to valid criticism of his party’s immigration platform by accusing the woman asking the question of being a racist. The issue illustrates how his party views dissent, and is instructional in where they set the bar for what Canadians should be allowed to say.

Cancel culture is a growing danger that affects not just historical figures and Hollywood executives. Regular people are losing their right to free speech. Cancel culture is about more than political correctness; it’s about power: The power to call someone who disagrees with your immigration policies a racist; the power to make people scared to disagree with you, and the power to silence criticism and stifle debate. “Disagree with us, and your right to speak will be taken away for the protection of your neighbours.”

It is a game that even Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives are playing into. O’Toole has made his position clear: afraid of being called bad names by the Left, he has positioned the Conservative Party further left than at any point in recent history, betraying Canadians who seek a right-wing option, and taking their votes for granted.

Just like the Liberals, O’Toole has made it clear to anyone in his party who dares to hold dissenting views: You will be asked to shut up or leave.

There is only one party in Canada that is willing to take a meaningful stand on this issue. Maxime Bernier has vowed to keep Big Tech out of our politics, and speech truly free.

The Canadian political landscape is undergoing a major reorientation. O’Toole has described his Conservative Party as a centrist party, leaving millions of right-leaning Canadians out in the cold. For Canadians unsatisfied with the direction this country is headed, there is one option that stands out from the rest: Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada.

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