Canada-China Free Trade


Consistent Engagement with Largest Economy Key to Canada’s Prosperity

For Immediate Release 

OTTAWA – Maxime Bernier, Leadership Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, today announced that, as Prime Minister, he would immediately pursue a free trade agreement with China.

Maxime Bernier's campaign focuses on the fundamental principles of freedom and responsibility, fairness and respect. Free trade is at the core of these principles.

It is estimated that a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement would expand Canadian exports by $7.7 billion annually, increase Canadian household income by $5.7 billion annually, and create 25,000 well paying Canadian jobs. 

Key Quotes from Maxime Bernier

“Conservatives believe in the freedom of the marketplace as the basis for human prosperity.”

 “Justin Trudeau has decided to take a go-slow approach to trade with China. This will not help build Canada’s economy. Consistent engagement – not hesitant engagement – means launching free trade negotiations now.”

Without free trade, “Canadian exports to China will continue to face tariffs in all sectors. Our competitors will enter the Chinese market tariff free and push Canadians out.”

Without free trade, “Canadian consumers will also face higher prices on goods imported from China.  This is particularly concerning for low income families who purchase a higher percentage of goods imported from China.”

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