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Bernier satisfied with results in Alberta Senate Elections

Ottawa, ON, October 26, 2021 — Although none of the People’s Party of Canada candidates features among the three who received the most votes, party leader Maxime Bernier says he is satisfied with the results in the Alberta Senate elections that were unveiled today.

“Our three candidates got approximately 5% each, for a total of 15%, while the three Conservative candidates who won got 47% overall. The seven independent candidates shared the remaining 38% of votes. Of course, it would have been nice to have one of our candidates win one of the top three spots, but getting more than one out of every seven votes, and one third the level of support of the CPC, is very encouraging,” said Bernier. “I want to thanks Albertan voters who supported us.”

Candidate Kelly Lorencz also expressed his satisfaction: “After our performance in last month’s elections, where we tripled our support across the country, I think Albertans understand better what the PPC stands for. Today’s results are another proof that we’re climbing in recognition across the province. We’ll do even better next time.”

The PPC’s three candidates for Alberta Senate seats were Ann McCormack, Nadine Wellwood, and Kelly Lorencz. In last month’s general election, the PPC received 5% of the vote nationally.


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