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For those interested in becoming a candidate for the People’s Party of Canada, this document serves as an overview of the process you will go through in order to become a candidate for the PPC. Please review this document before beginning your application.

Step 1: Criminal Background Check

The first step to becoming a PPC Candidate will be to acquire a criminal background check. We have set up a link for applicants to get discounted criminal background checks online for a cost of $30, this cost will be covered by the applicants but represents the only monetary cost associated with this application. This link is found on the first page of the Candidate Application. Through the background check portal you will be required to provide personal details, consent and ID verification.

If you already have a recent criminal background check from within the last 6 months, that can be used instead. Once you have purchased a background check, or if you have a recent one on file already, you can proceed to submit the Candidate Application.

Step 2: Submitting a Candidate Application

The next step to becoming a PPC candidate will be to complete and submit a Candidate Application.

The Candidate Application is an online form available on our website. The PPC Candidate application process is an entirely paperless process, this is in order to streamline and expedite completion and submission. We do not offer an option for submission of a hard copy application.

The Candidate Application is a form composed of various questions that will give us details about yourself and your candidacy. These questions range from basic personal information, to longer form questions about politics and the Party.

You will be asked to provide a resume and a criminal background check. These documents should be prepared before starting the application.

Submissions will be open until Sunday, August 8th, 2021. 

Step 3: Vetting

After you have submitted your Candidate Application the next step will be to submit information for social media vetting. After you submit an application through our online form, you will receive an email from BackCheck at the email [email protected] — this could take up to 24 hours. Please make sure you watch out for this email, and it does not end up in a spam filter. You will be reminded of this in the email confirmation after submitting your Candidate Application through our online form. 

The email from BackCheck will include a link to another background check portal and a passcode to log in. Follow the steps provided in the email and in the webportal, if you are having issues, contact information for BackCheck support is included at the bottom of their webportal. Please note, much of the information required by BackCheck will be similar to the information provided as part of the Candidate Application. Please be patient and provide the required information even though it may feel redundant, an external firm is assisting with social media vetting and both the Party and the external firm will require this information to properly complete the vetting process.

Follow the instructions in the email from BackCheck and on their webportal and remain patient until the vetting process is complete.

Step 4: Interviews

The next step will be to have an interview with your local PPC Association or PPC HQ. Your local PPC Association or PPC HQ will reach out to you shortly after you have submitted your Candidate Application.

These interviews may be held virtually or in-person, depending on lockdown restrictions in your province/region. PPC HQ or your local PPC Association will reach out to you to make more specific arrangements.

Step 5: Nomination Approval/Denial

The fourth step to becoming a PPC Candidate is simply receiving an approval or rejection email from PPC HQ. You will receive this email from PPC HQ no later than 3 weeks after you have submitted information to BackCheck for vetting with the final determination of whether your nomination has been approved or rejected.

Step 6: Acclamation or Nomination Contest

When you receive an approval email from PPC HQ, you will officially be a nomination contestant for the riding in which you are seeking candidacy.

If there is only one nomination contestant for the riding, you will be acclaimed the candidate for the riding by PPC HQ.

If there is more than one approved nomination contestant in a riding, this will automatically trigger a nomination contest for the riding’s candidacy. A nomination meeting will be held at the end of the nomination contest in which there will be a secret ballot, first-past-the-post vote by the active PPC members of the riding to select the official PPC Candidate.

Nomination contests will begin shortly after August 9th, once all applicants for a given riding have received approval or rejection from PPC HQ. Nomination contests will last a minimum of 2 weeks over which approved nomination contestants will be allowed to campaign and sign up new members.

The meeting may be held virtually or in-person, depending on lockdown restrictions in your province/region. More information regarding nomination contests, including our guidelines, will be made available in the near future.