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Attacks against our freedoms are intensifying daily

Yesterday, the People’s Party was the only party celebrating Canada Day on Parliament Hill.

Today, we’re still the only party fighting lockdowns, censorship, and identity politics.

The only party openly and forcefully defending our freedoms and Canadian identity against the constants attacks of the woke far left and the establishment parties.

These attacks against our freedoms are intensifying daily.

Yesterday, a mob toppled the statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II on the grounds of the Manitoba legislature.

The police did nothing to stop them.

That’s the same province where I was arrested and spent 12 hours in prisons just three weeks ago after holding a meeting outdoors with a dozen supporters.

Lockdown measures are still in effect in many provinces, even though the number of covid hospitalizations and deaths is fast approaching zero.

But the worst threat to our freedoms right now is the recently tabled Liberal bill C-36.

It will vastly expand the power of human rights commissions to crack down on all kinds of unpopular speech online that could be described as “hate speech” based on vague and subjective criteria.

The Liberals have spent the past several years making every issue about race, gender and religion.

They’ve been calling everybody who disagrees with them racists, bigots and white supremacists.

With C-36, their goal is clearly to scare and silence anyone who rejects far left wokism.

They want to turn YOU into a criminal for disagreeing with them, as they did with me.

We need a strong voice to counter these constant attacks against our freedoms.

A voice that won’t let itself be silenced.

We need the PPC’s voice, especially now as it seems certain that there will be another election soon.

Help us amplify our voice. Please make a $10 donation today, or any amount you can afford.

Many thanks,