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All the Other Parties Want a Carbon Tax!

It’s official! The People’s Party is now the only federal party opposed to a carbon tax!

Erin O’Toole had pledged during his leadership campaign to repeal Trudeau’s carbon tax and never implement one if elected.

But he flip flopped again yesterday.

We know by now that his word means nothing.

He’s proposing an even more cumbersome, more bureaucratic version of the Liberal carbon tax.

He also wants to directly tax frequent flyers, non-electric cars and cottages.

Just like the Liberals, he wants to tax everything!

Trudeau’s former personal secretary Gerald Butts congratulated Red Erin on Twitter.

The climate alarmist Left could not be happier: They control every party in Ottawa now.

Every party except one: The People’s Party!

There’s a clear dividing line.

There’s PPC on one side, and five pro-carbon tax, climate alarmist, leftist parties on the other.

We must not let them occupy the whole battlefield.

Please help us fight the establishment parties’ carbon tax with a $5 donation today!

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