All I ask is $20 to end 2020!

This message is being sent to about 100,000 PPC members and supporters.

All I ask is that each of them contribute $20 this week to make sure we start the new year on a strong financial footing.

Some may think $20 won’t make much of a difference.

But imagine if they all did it.

We would raise $2 million!

Enough to be in the same league as the established parties.

That’s all I ask. $20. From everyone on this mailing list.

Which will in fact cost only $5 when you account for the tax credit.

If you’ve already contributed, I thank you and congratulate you for this concrete gesture of support.

If you haven’t yet, or if you can afford to pitch in another $20 to compensate for those who won’t, you’ve got two more days.

Please donate $20 now so we can end 2020 with a bang!

Thank you!

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