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Press release - A PPC government will fight radical gender ideology

Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA, September 4, 2021 – The leader of the People’s Party, Maxime Bernier, pledged to change various laws and rules promoted by radical trans activists that are harmful to women, children, and gays and lesbians. He made this announcement this morning at a campaign rally in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Statement by Maxime Bernier:

“The People’s Party believes that adults can identify with the gender they want, and undergo whatever medical procedure they want in order to change sex. They must be respected and enjoy the same rights as every other Canadian.

However, with the active support of the woke far left and Trudeau’s Liberals, a minority of radical trans activists are trying to transform society in a way that curtails everyone’s freedoms. This radical agenda is proving particularly harmful to women, children, gays and lesbians.

Bill C-16 recognized gender self-identification and opened the door to compelled speech. Since then, businesses and government agencies have banned the use of words like “woman” and “mother” in favour of “menstruating people” and “birthing people,” which negate the existence of women.

Women are encountering men in changing rooms and bathrooms. Violent criminals who are biological men but identify as women are being incarcerated in women’s prisons. Women have to unfairly compete with biological men in sports.

Boys and girls suffering from gender dysphoria are being encouraged to start transitioning, when most of them would grow up to become healthy gays and lesbians. With Bill C-6, the Liberals want to criminalize therapeutic counselling to help them accept who they are instead of destroying their bodies.

A People’s Party government will repeal C-16 and modify C-6 to protect children from predatory doctors and activists; we will protect women and men from intrusions by members of the other sex; and we will maintain sports for women in which biological men cannot participate.”

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